Monday, June 17, 2013

Yet Another Summer Bucket List

It's that time of year again. The kids are finishing up school, or already have finished school. We all know the first words out of our kids mouths are, "Moooooommm! I'm BORED!!!" This year I am hoping to beat the boredoms before they begin. So I made what everyone seems to be doing. I made a bucket list.

I know, I know, they seem to be everywhere, in the blog-o-sphere, on Facebook and Pinterest, EVERYWHERE! (By the way, follow me here.) So what is a Crafty Princess to do, but make her own?

Before I continue, let me introduce you to my little daleks. (Wait. Was that a Doctor Who reference? Why yes, yes it was.)

This is Bubba.
He is seven and just finished second grade.
He loves everything Ninjago and Pokemon.

And this is The Little Princess.
She is three and loves everything Disney Princess.

And then of course there is Hubs and me.
This is the only picture I can find of the two of us together.
This was eleven years ago, I need to get another pic, asap!

Well, those are the players. Now, back to the list!

My journey began where it always does, Pinterest! (Did I mention you can follow me here?) After a few pins, I came up with my own list of (da-da-dah!) 101 Things to do this Summer!

I know! Right?

Why 101? Well, why not? After all I learned from Phineas and Ferb that there are ♫ "104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it. So, the annual problem of out generation is finding a good way to spend it!" ♫

So, instead of having my daleks climb the proverbial Eiffel Tower, I wanted a list of ideas that we could do, most without much preparation and very low cost. Like, the closer to free the better.

I came up with a color coding system to help me see at a glance what type of activity each thing is. Red items are places to go. Light Blue are things relating to our local library. Green are outdoor activities. Orange are indoor activities. Yellow are foods to eat and sometimes make. Purple-y/Pink are crafts to make. And finally, Dark Blue are things that will earn Bubba arrows for Cub Scouts. 

As we do each activity, I plan to take lots of photos and use this blog as a log. Anything idea I got from Pinterest I have linked to the original source. So, just because I can, here is the list again. (As we do them I will cross them off this list.)

1. Go to the Beach   
2. Go to the Park
3. Watch the Fireworks
4. Visit Mommom
5. Swimming at Gifford Pinchot
6. Play in a Creek
7. Go to a Farmer's Market
8. Attend a Free Concert in the Park
9. Go to a Baseball Game
10. Dig It! Faire
11. Digging Into Nature
12. Tracking Dinosaurs
13. I Dig Bugs!
14. Dinosaur Story Time and Craft
15. Digging Into Science
16. Animals That Dig
17. Complete GO! York (Don't you wish your library was as cool as mine!)
18. Go Camping
19. Go Swimming in a Pool
20. Have a Picninc
21. 800+ Reading Minutes (each)
22. Play in the Sprinklers
23. Camp Out in the Yard
24. Water Balloon Fight
25. Water Gun Battle
26. Build a Sand Castle
27. Learn to Ride Bikes 
(Bubba needs to learn to ride without training wheels, and The Little Princess wants to learn to ride a two wheeler.)
28. Plant a Garden
29. Build a Den (like this or this)
30. Play with Sponge Bombs
31. Water Balloon Toss
32. Wash the Car
33. Shaving Cream War
34. Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest
35. Roll Down a Grassy Hill
36. Make a Blob
37. Tie Dye T-Shirts
38. Play with Bubbles
39. Make Marshmallow Shooters
40. Play with Ice Chalk
41. Make Solar S'mores
42. Star Gaze
43. Build a Backyard Gym
44. Build Three Toss Games
45. Invite Friends to our Backyard Gym
46. Build a Greenhouse and Grow 20 Seeds
47. Draw your favorite outdoor scene
48. Have a Sleep Over
49. Family Game Night
50. Build a Fort
51. Secret Service
52. Play the Wii
53. Movie Marathon
54. Exploding Craft Sticks
55. Write Letters and Mail Them
56. Treasure Hunt
57. Scavenger Hunt
58. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
59. Eat Freeze Pops
60. Make Popsicles
61. Eat Something Fresh from the Garden
62. Make Banana splits
63. Make Frozen Hot Chocolate
64. Make Your Own Pizzas
65. Make Homemade Rock Candy
66. Make Ice Cream in a Bag
67. Eat Watermelon
68. Make Trail Mix
69. Make Rice Crispy Treats
70. Drink Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
71. Make Banana Pops
72. Make Lego Gummies (Bubba is REALLY excited about this one!)
73. Make Freeze Pop Holders 
74. Make Bead Loom Bracelets
75. Make Stained Glass
76. Experiment with Egg Geodes
77. Create a Light Box
78. Paint with Lemon Juice
79. Use Fizzle Sidewalk Chalk
80. Create Something to Enter in the Fair
81. Make Sun Catchers
82. Make Rain Sticks
83. Make Firefly Night Lights
84. Make and/or Paint a Birdhouse
85. Make Washi Tape Letters
86. Make Gak
87. Make Grass Heads
88. Create Jellyfish in a Bottle
89. Make Washi Tape Pencils
90. Make Bookmarks
91. Make a Weather Vane
92. Make a Rain Gauge
93. Track the Weather for Two Weeks
94. Make Sock Puppets
95. Make Three Pinhole Planetariums
96. Create a Mask
97. Make Solar Prints
98. Start a Stamp Collection
99. Organize our Personal Library
100. Practice Photography
101. Put on a Magic Show

We may or may not get to everything on the list, but at least I have a plan for the inevitable song of summer.

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