Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Subway Art

Yesterday my Mother-In-Law came to visit for two weeks. The kiddos are so happy to have Nana here! Bedtime was hard last night, no one wants to go to bed when Nana Claus is here! But, this is not a post about Nana. Today is the start of my first series: Things I've Seen On Pinterest And Decided To Try Myself. (Too long of a title?)
So today I decided to try some subway art. I don't usually like subway art, but this one caught my eye. Today, while Bubba was working on his school work and Nana was keeping The Little Princess occupied, I decided to whip one up.
All in all this project was FREE and took less than a half hour (not including drying time).
I used a picture frame that was not being used, some spray paint, and my computer.
I began at the computer in Open Office. Any word processing software would work.

First, I typed the dates and saying. Then, I fiddled with fonts and colors and sizes. I decided upon MS Gothic. The dates are size 94 and the saying is 24. Everything is centered. The colors I chose were standard black and green 2. The first two dates are Hubby and my birthdays, then green date is our anniversary, then the dates of Bubba and The Little Princess's birthdays. The saying has no spaces between words but key words are written in green.

The frame was a dusty brown one that was lying around the house with absolutely nothing in it. Tragedy resolved because I have just the thing for you!

Bring on the white spray paint that I happen to have from another project. Thankfully, the rain has left the area so it was nice and sunny today so outside I went to give the frame a once over.

While it was drying, I printed and trimmed down the page to fit the frame. Once it was dry, I put it all back together and hung it up in my bathroom. YOUR BATHROOM? You say? Well, it's on a little wall entering the bathroom. There is about a two foot hall like space when you first enter my bathroom (to go around the laundry area). And it's a nice surprised. Who would expect a piece of art like this in the bathroom?

That is also where the light switch plate I made is located. I have to say I absolutely love it! And the fact that it cost nothing is even better!
And just because I can, here are a few more angles.

Pretty isn't it?


  1. This piece of work looks great. I guess you colored the font to match the wall. What makes this subway art?

    1. Subway art is a form of artwork using only words. In this case the dates of my family. It can also be used to portray thought provoking ideas or uplifting messages. :)