Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Letter A

Welcome to my very first series! Aren't you excited? I know I am! In this series I will be showing you what The Little Princess and I did for her school time during the week. Please keep in mind, these are only the things she did during dedicated school time. There are a ton of other things she does to keep busy while Bubba is doing his school work. Hmm, I think I am coming up with another post idea...

This is what we did for our first week of pre-school.

First, let's look at her learning poster for week one. If you read my last post, you understand how this works. (I hope.) This week's theme was apples. We also learned that a bunch of apple trees is called an apple orchard. Our Bible verse came from Joshua 24:15. "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." We also learned about the letter A, number 1, and circles.

On Monday, we talked about apples. The Little Princess then got to do one of her favorite things, paint. She did apple stamping. Which is simply using an apple cut in half and dipped in paint to make a picture.
 She tried to follow instructions and only stamp, but the urge to smear was too great, and who could blame her?
 She was so proud of her picture she asked to hang it above her bed. I have a feeling this is where a lot of her artwork is going to end up this year. She really doesn't like her "boyish" room, her words.

On Tuesday, we learned about the letter A. I printed out a letter template which she then painted with water colors. The template was nothing more than a word document using "comic sans" font in the size that filled the page when the page is formatted to landscape. I like using comic sans, because the lower case "a" looks like the way we teach to write the letter a instead of type print.

 After the letters are dry, I cut them out and she glued them onto construction paper and I added it to her learning book.
We also did an apple craft from Our Crafts, which I'm afraid I didn't get a picture of the process, but I did take a picture of both pages in her learning book.

Also on Tuesday, we made a capital letter craft. A is for Alligator. I found this over at Totally Tots. I'll tell you now, in case your doing this along with us, we will be doing these crafts every week. 

 Wednesday brought the number one. We made one sun to add to her number book. She also painted a number one, the same way she did the letter A, which was also added to her learning book.

Thursday was lower case "a" day. She made a lower case "a" apple based on Totally Tots. Yet again, I forgot to take pictures, but here are the finished products which are hanging in  my kitchen.
Isn't the wallpaper just fabulous? I am seriously thinking of covering it, at least where I hang her letters. Will construction paper be too tacky?

Also on Thursday, she made her circle crafts, normally these would have been done on Friday, but The Hubs and I actually managed an overnight away, just the two of us, for Friday and Saturday. So the Daleks spent Friday at my mom's house. She painted a circle and made a caterpillar out of circles.

Truth be told, the snack we did on Sunday. These apple tarts were so yummy we had a hard time saving some for The Hubs.
 They were so simple. All it took was a package of refrigerated pie dough, a can of apple pie filling (I diced the apples so they were smaller), and a cookie cutter in the shape of an apple which I happened to have. I cut the shapes out, The Little Princess put them onto the cookie sheet and scooped a spoonful of pie filling onto each one, then covered them with another cut out piece of dough. I pinched the edges with a fork, and baked at 450 degrees for ten minutes. We were able to make twelve and still have pie filling left over for another day.

Phew! What a busy week of school! What are your plans for pre-school this year?


  1. Love all the fun things you did with the princess. How is Bubba doing?

    1. Bubba is in third grade this year and things got off to a rocky start. He has a whole new curriculum. He is doing great now. He also gets in on some of the Little Princess's fun things, like the apple tarts.