Monday, September 9, 2013

Bb is for Butterfly

Welcome to another fun week of Pre-School! This week was rather fun.  

Here's a peek at The Little Princess's Learning Poster:

This week's theme was butterflies. Our vocabulary word was not carrots. Everyone who looked at our poster asked me what a carrot has to do with a butterfly. Please believe me that this is a cocoon. (Please?)

Our Bible verse was "Be kind to one another and build each other up." 1 Thessalonians 5:11

We also worked on the letters B and b, the number 2, and the color red. 

This week we learned that butterflies start as eggs, hatch into caterpillars, wrap themselves into cocoons, and then become butterflies. So, The Little Princess used a toilet paper tube to paint caterpillars.

The Little Princess also painted her B's which we placed into her Learning Book and she made a Bumble Bee to go with it. (Sorry, only pictures of the finished products.)

She also made a Bumble Bee out of the letter B.

And a butterfly from the letter b.
Here are the finished products hanging in the kitchen.

The Little Princess also worked on the number two. First she painted her two to be put into her Learning Book. I love that she's starting to paint the number and not just put paint all over the page!
 Next, we made eyes to go into her Learning Book. She decided on brown eyes, like her. Then, insisted on eyelashes, top and bottom! My little girly girl!

We also worked with the color red. The Little Princess finger painted a picture in red.

Next, she glued a whole bunch of red things to another page.
 Both were added to her Learning Book

Finally we made Banana Pops! After peeling the bananas, I cut them in half and showed her how to place a craft stick into each one.
Into the freezer overnight. Then the next morning we dipped half into yogurt and rolled them in coconut and chocolate bits for a very yummy breakfast. The other half we dipped in chocolate and covered in candied pecans and coconut, and put back into the freezer for dessert later.
These were super yummy and I'm sure will be requested again and again. I may have to keep a supply of frozen bananas on hand from now on.

Until next time!

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