Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter H

Welcome to another week of preschool!

This week was all about the letter H. We learned about houses all around the world. We learned that every house has a roof. We also learned about the number eight and the color green. Our Bible verse this week was, " Hear O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one." Deuteronomy 6:4

The books we brought home from the library this week were, If You Lived Here: Houses Around the World by Giles Laroche, Not Inside This House! by Kevin Lewis, and Building a House by JoAnn Early Maken. We also brought home books on horses including, The Author Who Painted a Blue Horse by Eric Carle and Horses! by Gail Gibbons. 

This week we did not do a theme craft, the week just sort of got away from me. If you are really looking for one though, the one I was planning on doing can be found here.

We did, however, do the rest of our usual activities. The Little Princess made her capitol H House.

She also had fun gluing the mane and tail onto her lower case horse.

This week's letter are much more colorful than last week's!

The Little Princess painted her letters. She favored purple this week.

For her H craft, I had her make a house out of simple shapes. I have to admit, she wasn't too happy about this one. She told me she already made a house with her capitol letter, and shouldn't be making another one.

In the end, I think she was happy with her pages.

She painted her number eight and added it to her Learning Book. 

This week for the number eight she made an octopus with eight legs. We used crepe paper streamers cut in half long ways for the legs which she then colored with markers.

 She got a little carried away with the markers, but she had fun. (Note to self: before suggesting a color to paint with, check the color of the page so she's not putting a green eight on a green page. *sigh* Oh well.)

 We added to the color section in the Learning Book this week with green. The Little Princess found a lot of green things to glue to her page.

She always has fun finger painting!

 As always, here are the finished pages. Her favorite green thing was the Geiko Gecko. Both my Daleks have a fascination with him. I just don't know where it comes from.

For those of you who are wondering about the band aid on The Little Princess's forehead, it was nothing. She decided one day that she needed one. The glue on this particular band aid was really strong and it stayed on her head all week.

Until next time!

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