Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School

Well my friends, it's that time of year again, back to school. Perhaps your little Daleks have already started, or are starting soon, or have all grown up and left and now you are waiting for the next generations of Daleks to come visit you so you can load them up with sugar and then send them home, all the while laughing at the frustrated expression on your grown Dalek's face (or is that just my experience with grandparents?)

Where was I, oh yes, back to school. As many of you know, Bubba attends a cyber school. Which means he is homeschooled. So while all of my fellow mommies are dancing with joy and frolicking through the back to school isles at the store, I am settling into my busiest time of year, curriculum prep.

What I love about Bubba's cyber school verses traditional homeschooling is that they send me his curriculum and supplies. I also have a support staff which include his Instructional Supervisor (think guidance counselor), his teacher facilitator who is a certified elementary school teacher, and a tech support team for technical issues. I can call or email each of them and have my questions and concerns addressed immediately. Bubba also gets a one hour session a week online with his teacher facilitator in a classroom setting.

One of the best things that happen in our house about mid August is a UPS delivery containing all of Bubba's school supplies for the first half of the year. In years past it has been three or four boxes. Not this year, this year we had eight boxes! He was so excited to see what was in all the boxes.

Aren't you just a little curious? Good! Because I'm about to show you everything he received for third grade.

First, we received one box. We were slightly disappointed at first. When we dove into the box we discovered it contained only my guide books. Interesting for me, because up until know my guide book was on big book with all the lessons in one spot. Now I have one book for each subject, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts which includes Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Spelling.

A few days later we received seven, WHAT? Seven boxes! from UPS.

Even The Little Princess was excited to see what was in the boxes! We tore into the first box and discovered, cue the trumpets, ♫dun, dun, dun♫, Math supplies. Bubba really likes math. So, he was excited that this was the first box we opened. Inside we found his workbooks, a clock face, a thermometer, dice, three dimensional shapes, a ruler, and counters to help with ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands places.

 As if that box wasn't exciting enough, the next box contained Bubba's favorite subject, Science! This box included, his workbooks, white construction paper, potting soil, seeds, a pot, modeling clay, a collection of rocks and minerals, a magnifying glass, a ruler, a pulley, and for some reason, a wooden triangle. Not sure why, but we're excited to find out.

 The next box was labeled Language Arts, Bubba's least favorite subject. It wasn't as bad as he thought though. This box contained two different types of writing paper, index cards, a dry erase board, and dry erase markers.

Next, came the heaviest box. Inside, we found the Language Arts workbooks, a dictionary, a thesaurus, Poetry Speaks to Children, Lincoln Interactive Literature Collections: Third Grade, Charlotte's Web by E.B. White, and Latasha and the Little Red Tornado by Michael Scotto. I am very excited to read Scotto's book. He has written a lot of the books we have used so far and they are all wonderful!

 The next box contained Bubba's Social Studies supplies. Inside were his workbooks, an atlas, construction paper, water colors, modeling clay, a compass, a ruler, an inflatable globe, and bees wax. (I have no idea why this picture loaded upside down. I tried multiple time to upload it correctly, it just won't)

 The next box was a mystery box. Inside we found a game, multiplication and division flashcards, and a workbook entitled, Read, Set Go! Which is to help him get ready for tests and improve his study habits.

 The last box contained his PE supplies. This year he receives a back pack, horseshoes, two jump ropes, scarves for juggling, jacks, a frisbee, a kick ball, a basketball, a ball pump, bases for kickball, and his PE instruction manual.

 Bubba was super excited to put everything away in his new school area. What? New school area? You didn't say anything about a major change in your household! Yes, yes, don't worry my friends, that post is coming soon. Also coming soon is what The Little Princess is doing for school this year. I am super excited for these upcoming posts, I hope you are too.

Do you home school your kids? Do they attend a cyber school? Let me know what you like and dislike about your curriculum.

Until next time!

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