Thursday, December 22, 2011

Leg Warmers

Next week it begins ~ potty training The Little Princess. (Did I really just say that? How is that possible?) When I trained Bubba I had no idea what we were doing and it took almost six months. I do not want to go through that again! To the web! (Research, research, research). I decided we were going to do it cold turkey this time. Next Monday, no more diapers (except at bed time). She'll be in her big girl training pants only from the waist down. However, it being December, I was concerned about her legs getting cold. To the web! I found a bunch of great tutorials on how to make leg warmers for toddlers out of knee highs. One quick trip to the local dollar store and $4 later I had the beginings of four pairs of leg warmers.

This is what I started with.

I began by cutting the foot, heal and toes off of the sock.

Now take away the pieces we won't be using.

Now put the long piece aside and trim the smaller piece on the two long sides. (I didn't measure. Just cut off enough to separate the pieces.) This will give you two pieces instead of one tube. (You can skip this step, it will just make the cuff bigger. I wanted it to be a little smaller.)

Next place right sides together and faux serge (use the zig zag stitch making one stitch on the fabric and one stitch just off the fabric) on your sewing machine and stich the length of the two longer sides. Once again making it a tube, just a narrower tube. (If you skipped the above step, then you would skip this step too, obviously.)

Now you should have something that looks like this.

Now turn it in on itself so wrong sides are together.

If you want, you can faux serge the edges together as before.

Next turn the long piece you put aside inside out so that right sides are together. Mark each piece at the sides, the center front and center back, and once more between each pin. (Making a total of eight pins in each piece.)

Place the smaller piece inside the larger and line up the pins. Pin the two pieces together where the pins lined up.

Note: Place pins on the inside as shown rather than the outside. It will make it easier when sewing. (Don't ask me how I know!) Back to the sewing machine!

Slowly and carefully faux serge all the pieces together. (If you serged the cuff together it will be two pieces, if you did not it will be three.)

Turn the leg warmer right side out and you finished your first leg warmer.

Now repeat (or do both at the same time) and you have a pair of leg warmers. I made a total of four pairs.

Hopefully this will be enough. I'll be doing a load of big girl underpants everyday anyway, so these can get washed everyday too. (If my directions are confusing try Blooming Bums, The Towells or Moments of Mommyhood.

Pray for us next week! :-)

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